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Dermatology 101


Mary Sakai

With school starting, summer coming to an end and allergy season winding down you may be breathing a sigh of relief. However, fall is the worst season for fleas and ticks!

Usually, fleas are not seen on our pets until the flea population is very high. However, every time your pet goes outside they have potential to get flea bites. Flea eggs are carried by most furry creatures (opossums, skunks, raccoons, feral cats, etc.) and fall off these critters as they pass through our yards. The eggs will hatch into a larva and then spin a cocoon. Adult fleas are triggered to hatch from their cocoons by the vibration of an animal walking by. Once the flea hatches it jumps onto the animal and bites.

As the weather cools the fleas and ticks are very happy. They like moderate temperatures and humidity (don’t we all). So do not forget your flea and tick prevention as autumn nears.